Supplies to all the islands are up. | Archive


According to the APEAM Balearic association of maritime businesses, the level of demand for supplies to the Balearics is above what it was before the pandemic.

The association's vice-president, Antoni Mercant, says that demand is at a level "never before experienced", with orders exceeding all forecasts. To cover this demand, he explains, the shipping companies have "doubled their fleets". The number of ferries has increased from nine to ten in summer 2021 to eighteen this summer.

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While the contrast with 2021 is hardly surprising, given the comparative number of tourists, it is perhaps surprising that there is greater demand than in 2019. Although tourism recovery has been strong, the numbers of tourists have been slightly below those in 2019. However, APEAM also points to "productive indicators" of demand from other sectors, e.g. construction and chemical.

The anticipation is that this high demand will continue in September, with reservations for space in holds very positive. The association adds that despite energy and fuel costs that will affect companies' bottom lines, "transport logistics are assured".