Gabriel Fabián Callero speaking on Wednesday. | Youtube Última Hora


Gabriel Fabián Callero is the 57-year-old taxi driver who was beaten up by two Britons in Magalluf in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Speaking outside the courts in Palma on Wednesday, he explained that he had been driving slowly along Avenida Magaluf after dropping someone off. "One of these individuals, there were three of them, threw himself on the bonnet." He got out of the taxi to check if there was any damage, saw none and asked them what they thought they were doing.

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"The big guy said it was all a joke. I told him that it was no joke. I turned round and he started hitting me. They threw me to the ground and kicked me and ... well, these are the results," he said, pointing to his head. "They started kicking me in the face and in the head. I thought that I hadn't lost consciousness, but seeing the videos, yes I had." He is suffering from dizziness and nausea as a result of the barrage of blows. "Thank God I have nothing broken. They did a scan on my head and it's fine."

Originally from Argentina, he arrived in Mallorca in 2003 and worked as a doorman in Magalluf clubs until 2017. "I've never seen some guys who were so angry with someone." And he knows from experience. On one occasion he was hit over the head with a bottle, and one ear was left hanging. In 2018 he decided to become a taxi driver.