The arrested boyfriend of the owners' daughter. | Policia Nacional


An eighteen-year-old male has been arrested by the National Police for deliberately setting fire to a house on the Carretera Soller in Palma.

There wasn't just one fire but different ones between August 12 and 22. They were only small until the final one on the 22nd, when the Palma Fire Brigade had to be called in. The owners had notified the police of the incidents, believing that they may have been revenge for having denounced someone for fraud.

Police and fire brigade investigation of the final fire concluded that it had been started from inside the property. This was at around 2am, when the four occupants were supposedly all asleep. Suspicions therefore fell on these four residents and on one in particular - the 18-year-old, who is the boyfriend of the owners' daughter.

He confessed to having caused the fires, telling officers - "I really like fire. I can't help it. I enjoy the smell of it." Other than this, investigators have found no other motive. There had been no disagreements or conflict between him and the rest of the family.