The paperwork mountain now needed to live in Spain is not denting the desire of Britons for a life in the sun but only just! A Bulletin opinion poll suggests that more Britons want to live in Spain than those who don´t despite all the new difficulties following Britain´s withdrawl from the European Union.

Also, there has not been a big exodus from Spain by Britons following Brexit and the number of British citizens living in Spain (officially registered) has actually risen to almost 350,000.

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British citizens now have "third party status" in Spain with Spanish nationals, European Union citizens taking first and second. The "paperwork mountain" is faced by new arrivals to Spain from Britain, those who were living here before Brexit enjoy almost the same rights as before.

There are growing calls for Spain to sign a by-lateral agreement with Britain to overcome such hurdles as the 90-day rule and the issue of British driving licences not being valid for residents of Spain.