Izan has thanked the many who have expressed their support and affection. | Instagram


On Wednesday, the older brother of an eleven-year-old boy took to social media to denounce the bullying that he has suffered at his primary school in Lloseta.

The boy's eleventh birthday was on Wednesday. The school has yet to reopen for the new term, but an activity had been arranged. The boy took a cake with him to share with classmates. But instead of thanks, he was greeted with abuse - "Happy birthday, fat piece of shit".

He has apparently been enduring the bullying for four years - "Insults, spitting and fights for four years. And the teachers, who are the ones who should mediate in this situation, do absolutely nothing," added his brother. "I find it very sad that my brother has said that he wants to take his own life. Most suicides start with nonsense like this. And it seems even sadder to me that in the century we live in these things continue to happen, especially coming from young children. I don't understand the education they give them so that a group of eight kids can insult, throw stones and attack one other without anyone intervening."

The mother of the boy, whose name is Izan, claims that at the school - Es Puig in Lloseta - "many things are hidden from parents in order to avoid tarnishing the name of the school".

The family held a live broadcast on Instagram on Thursday. It lasted almost an hour and brought together more than 3,000 people. Critical of the school, Izan's mother explains that there are other mothers "who have defended my son at the gates of the school". "After this video, what more evidence do they (the school) need?" The video was one of the bullying on Wednesday that the brother says he got hold of (it was circulating in Lloseta, he explains) and decided to upload to Instagram.

The brother also says that friends of Izan got together to talk to a tutor and tell him what his brother was going through. "His response was to laugh." When the boy's mother complained about the harassment, the response was apparently: "these are children's things".

It has been said that the school was already monitoring Izan's case, while the town hall's social affairs department and the Lloseta police tutor are seeking to clarify the incident on Wednesday. The town hall has activated its anti-bullying protocol.

The Guardia Civil are now investigating the matter and will speak to all the parties involved. Izan has meanwhile thanked all the people who have expressed their support and affection - not just from Mallorca but from all over the world.