It took days, weeks even, for all the accumulated rubbish to be collected. | Juanjo Roig


Alcudia town hall has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Lumsa, the company which holds the contract for waste collection and street cleaning. This is for failure to meet agreed minimum services during the strike in July and for not complying with collection frequencies since the strike ended.

While the mayor, Domingo Bonnín, says that the situation has now been "normalised", opposition groups at the town hall are of a different view. One of these, Podemos, says that there have been serious deficiencies with both the collection and the cleaning services since the strike ended.

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The strike was called because of safety concerns - collection vehicles were in a poor condition and were considered to be dangerous. Podemos point out that when the strike was called off, some of the trucks were out of service. Their councillor at the town hall, Jose Manuel Aranda, adds that only two out of four street-sweeping vehicles are currently operating and that neither of these are pressure washers; that there are faults with trucks to lift underground rubbish containers; and that the van which collects household junk is off the road "intermittently".

"The responsibility for this situation lies with the contracted company, but is the town hall carrying out public control and monitoring of the contracted services?"

In response, Bonnín has stressed that proceedings have been started. Meanwhile, town hall technicians are studying an independent report into the condition of the collection vehicles, which was finally delivered on Friday.