Traffic chaos in Minorca in high season. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The head of Territorial Planning for the the environmental body Gob in Minorca, Miquel Camps, said today that regulating the entry of vehicles to the island in the summer is going to be key to curbing the sensation of overcrowding.

Camps recalled that this measure is included in the Biosphere Reserve law, which must be approved before the end of the year by the Parliament.

“It is necessary to limit the number of vehicles, because at the moment there is no control whatsoever, and the ferries arrive every day loaded with cars, which is causing the island to become overcrowded. The solution is not to create more car parks, which consume land, but to regulate the pressure of vehicles as in Formentera, where this system works very well,” he said.

The ecologist also called for the transfer of responsibility for water resources.
“The citizens need political stature and to be able to tackle issues seriously, and to avoid the game of political jealousy that the transfer of a competence provokes. It is incomprehensible that Mallorca wants it when it never uses it. We are asking for common sense and for a change of vision”, he said.

Furthermore, Miquel Camps does not believe that Minorca should invest in tourism promotion during the high season.
It makes no sense to spend public money to promote sun and sand. We have other urgent needs that require the resources of the administrations.”