What is said to be rubble from work at the hotel. | Junts Avançam


Pollensa town hall is to appeal a Balearic ministry of environment fine of 3,000 euros for failure to provide a report related to waste generated by redevelopment of the Hotel Formentor.

Former mayor and now deputy mayor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre, says that the sanctioning file opened by the ministry is "null and void, as more than a year has passed since the request was made to us". Cifre explains that the whole matter was an "administrative error". "We sent documentation to the environment ministry, and they then sent us a request that we had planned to respond to by email, attaching a copy of the owners' waste management plans. But we hadn't realised that this wasn't sent."

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Seeking to play down the matter, Cifre adds that "these things happen" and is critical of the ministry. "They had more than a year to call me and tell me that the documentation was missing. They did not do so and then only opened the file a few days after Junts Avançam (the main opposition group at the town hall) had denounced a 'spill' (of what is alleged to have been rubble)."

The town hall, he explains, drew up a record of the accumulation of waste from work at the hotel and sent a copy of this to the ministry and to the Council of Mallorca's agency for the defence of territory (ADT). "The town hall doesn't have powers to intervene on rural land, which is where this waste was, because these powers have been transferred to the ADT."