No mask-wearing this September. | Marcelo Sastre


On Monday, 172,970 students, in addition to those at private schools, started the new school year. The total at the government-run and grant-maintained schools is down 512 compared with last September. This decrease is mainly attributed to a fall in the birth rate. In Mallorca, there are 138,082 students. Primary schools have more pupils than others - 65,967 in the whole of the Balearics.

The return to school is also a return to normality. For the past two Septembers, Covid measures were in place. These ranged from mandatory mask-wearing to remote learning and the use of additional public facilities in order to provide social distancing for smaller classes.

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Since 2015, the number of teachers on the islands has increased by 3,462. Over the coming years, the education ministry plans to increase the number by a further 2,500.