National Police at the scene of the shooting. | Teresa Ayuga


The gunman who seriously wounded a young woman last Saturday in Las Maravillas, Playa de Palma, fled the country hours after the shooting.

The National Police suspect that he took a flight to a South American country or Thailand. In the last few hours, efforts have been intensified to check security cameras at ports and airports, and to analyse documentation and flights.

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Kike ‘el viajes’, as he is known, has a criminal record and served a previous prison sentence. He is known for disappearing and travelling to foreign countries on a regular basis.

After a fight broke out between two groups at a club on the Son Castelló industrial estate in Palma, a car chase began which culminated in Las Maravillas. At that point, they all got out of their cars and another fight broke out. The victim tried to defend her partner who was being assaulted by several people. She grabbed one of them by the neck so that he would stop hitting her boyfriend.

The suspect pulled out a handgun (a totally illegal pistol) and shot her, at which point they all fled the scene, leaving the injured woman on the ground.