Police officer checking for possible evidence. | Teresa Ayuga


The National Police have identified a man who shot and seriously wounded a woman in Playa de Palma on Saturday morning. In his thirties, he has a criminal record and has spent time in prison.

The shooting occurred around 6am in Las Maravillas, Playa de Palma, and followed an earlier incident outside a club on the Can Valero industrial estate in Palma.

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An argument between two men led to one being injured following a blow to the head. The attacker and his girlfriend sped off from the scene in their car but returned moments later. The injured man and four others got into a car and there was then a chase that ended in Las Maravillas, where people said to be friends of the attacker joined in a fight. The injured man's 24-year-old girlfriend tried to defend him, which was when she was shot in the shoulder with a handgun.

By the time that police and ambulances arrived, most of those who had been involved in the fight had fled the scene. The woman was rushed to Son Espases, where her condition remains serious. The police now know who fired the gun and are trying to trace him.