At the point where the section from the beach to the lighthouse starts.


Traffic restrictions on the Formentor road ended on September 15. They didn't officially start until June 23 (rather than June 15) because road works had in any event closed the road. So, there was one less week when drivers could fall foul of the restrictions, and in the end slightly more than 50,000 of them did.

Most of the fines, 48,300, related to the section from Puerto Pollensa to the beach. These were fines that could have been cancelled by sending a copy of a parking ticket and photo of the number plate to the traffic directorate. But they weren't. The fine is 80 euros.

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1,750 fines were issued for the stretch beyond the beach that ends at the lighthouse. There is no system for cancelling these. The fine is 200 euros. In all, it will have been 280 euros.

Compared with 2021, there were 33,000 more fines. This difference wasn't particularly to do with Covid and therefore fewer tourists but with a procedural error, which meant that fines were only issued between August 18 and September 15.