A female tourist who may have taken the cannibal drug.

Its chemical name is methylenedioxypyrovalerone, a psychostimulant that can provoke highly erratic and violent behaviour. It is better known as the cannibal drug because of cases where users have savagely bitten people. Also known as flakka, the authorities in the Balearics first became aware of it in Ibiza some eight or nine years ago. There was subsequently at least one well-publicised case in Magalluf.

Some days ago, a female British tourist reacted in a highly aggressive manner after taking drugs. A doorman at a club on C. Punta Ballena says: "The fact is that we don't know if this is a new case of the cannibal drug, but the effects are very similar. I've been working as a doorman on Punta Ballena for more than ten years and I've seen everything. But this girl was making biting motions and she wouldn't stop screaming. The sound was terrifying."

Police had to hold her down while medics administered tranquilisers. She was then taken to hospital.

Another doorman says: "They're taking something very strange. It's not normal to see young people with such violent secondary effects. There has been some alarm that cannibal drugs may be being sold."