Police in Playa de Palma and image of Carlo Heuvelman. | Archive

On Tuesday, the trial started of the three main defendants in the case of Carlo Heuvelman, the 27-year-old Dutch tourist who died after being brutally assaulted in Playa de Palma in July 2021.

The Central Netherlands District Court has allocated eleven days to the trial, with a ruling expected on November 18. The young Dutch men are charged with involuntary manslaughter. The Dutch Prosecutor's Office, which holds the three responsible for the death of Carlo Heuvelman, showed images of the fight during the first session. One of the three had a trace of Carlo's DNA on his shoe.

There were various witnesses to what happened, they having stated that after Carlo was knocked to the ground, he was kicked several times, including to the head. A report from a forensic doctor in Mallorca was read out in court. This concluded that serious injury to the head was caused by kicks or similar and that not all injuries were simply caused by a fall to the ground. The three deny their responsibility in Carlo's death.

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There are in all nine suspects related to various violent events that occurred on the same day in Mallorca.