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Sir Richard Branson’s new luxury Son Bunyola retreat in Banyalbufar, Mallorca, has been given a welcome boost.

The Balearic Port Authority has put out to tender the works to improve the little port of Banyalbufar.

The works are to include refurbishing the buildings that are in poor condition, restoring facilities and services, and replacing boat support structure.

It also includes the reconstruction of the boat platform, affected by the storms and improving access to the beach.

The project to modernise the infrastructures that are currently in a state of disrepair in the port of Banyalbufar is scheduled to take four months to complete.

Of the 38 basic moorings that currently exist, 22 of them have applied for the renewal of their authorisations within the deadline, which from this year will have a duration of 3 to 4 years, and which will be authorised soon. Parallel to the project to improve the port of Banyalbufar, the 16 boat moorings that are still pending will be awarded.

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The move to improve the port ties in with the opening of Sir Richard’s new luxury hotel, the grounds of which stretch down to the coast and very near the port.

In February last year, the mayor of Banyalbufar, Mateu Ferrà, granted Sir Richard permission to develop the 15th-century manor house on the 680 acre-plus Son Bunyola estate into a small luxury hotel with 28 bedrooms.

For Sir Richard, this is a dream come true and work on restoring the manor house to its former glory has been gathering momentum ever since.

Bookings for the new hotel will be available soon in anticipation for a summer 2023 opening, adding to the estate’s three individual villas: Sa Punta de S’Aguila, Sa Terra Rotja and Son Balagueret.

The hotel consists of the restoration of a historic finca and surrounding landscape on the beautiful Son Bunyola estate, part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio.

The development of the finca will form an integral part of a spectacular estate, positioned on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which already includes the collection’s three stand-alone luxury private villas.