Sleeping is a bit of a nightmare due to the heat. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca’s Indian summer and the tropical nights are here to stay for the time being and have already exceeded the usual number of tropical nights for this time of year in some areas of the island.

The deputy spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics, Miquel Gili, said Faro de Capdepera has already been nine tropical nights; the hottest night was last Monday, when the temperature did not drop below 23º.
Experts say that at 20º or more it is difficult to fall asleep.

It is not yet possible to talks of records, as in 201 there were 24 nights when the temperature did not drop below 20º, but the month is not yet over.

The usual number of tropical nights has been exceeded is Palma Portopi; there have already been five this month when the average is two. The record was also reached in 2001, when there were 11.
Monday night was also particularly hot in Portocolom; 23º.

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Gili explained that the night temperatures are so high because the sea temperature is also higher than usual; it is around 24º, whereas it should be 21º-23º.
The days are also hotter than usual, with highs more typical of late summer than autumn.

Temperatures between 28º-29º are being recorded, and in some points it has even reached 30º; the normal temperature at this time of year is around 23º.

Gili forecast that this situation will continue until at least Sunday. However, he pointed out that on Friday the maximum temperatures will drop a couple of degrees, although on Saturday they will recover.

The weather forecast for Mallorca indicates that from Sunday or Monday a slight drop in temperatures could begin and bring the Indian summer to an end, although temperatures will continue to be higher than normal in mid-October.

Today (Tuesday) minimum temperatures:
10 Escorca, Son Torrella
14 Escorca, Lluc
16 Palma, University
17 Sa Pobla
17 Andratx, Sant Elm
17 Petra
17 Sineu
17 Campos
17 Muro
18 Palma
18 Calvia
18 Port de Pollensa
18 Pollensa