When you are a new dad you find that your expenses go through the roof! This is probably not the case with Rada Nadal, who is quite literally worth his weight in gold, but he will be competing in the richest tennis tournament ever next month. Nadal has an estimated worth of 220 million dollars thanks to tournament wins and sponsorship deals.

Nadal will join the top eight players in the world for the Masters Cup in Turin between November 13 to 20. If he lifts the trophy, he will pocket 4.8 million euros which will go a long way to keeping baby Rafa in nappies and pushchairs! Just for taking part each player will receive 320.000 dollars.

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Organisers said that it is the richest tennis tournament ever and will bring the cream of tennis to Italy. Rafa, who has won two Grand Slams this season, has been declared injury free by his doctors so he will be able to compete in the tournament.

Rafa and his wife Xisca are at home in Manacor with baby Rafa, but the Mallorcan ace will be taking part in a series of tournaments from next month.