The carriage had to be removed after the horse was withdrawn from service. | MDB


Animal-rights party Progreso en Verde have denounced another case of a carriage horse collapsing in Palma. This occurred on Tuesday on C. Conquistador in the centre of the city. Palma local and mounted police as well as National Police went to the scene and the horse was withdrawn from service until it could be established why it had collapsed.

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The party says that "this is not an isolated case" and has requested that the horse undergoes a full veterinary check, including blood tests. "Horses continue to fall without Palma town hall acting with the necessary toughness. What else has to happen for measures to be adopted to end the exploitation of horses?"

Guillermo Amengual, president of Progreso en Verde, believes that there are many tourists who do not want to return to Palma after witnessing the horse carriages and he is keeping up his attack on the town hall's animal protection. "We have a councillor for animal welfare who is not in the least bit interested in animals and who never speaks about issues regarding carriage horses. It's shameful."