Fewer people are heading into Palma to shop. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


According to a survey carried out by Afedeco, 59 percent of people who live outside of Palma who used to travel to the city to do their shopping have stopped doing so frequently because of the poor frequency of public transport and parking problems.

According to the data, 53 percent of the people say that they “sometimes” go to Palma to do their shopping, compared to 33 percent who do and 14 percent who do not go to the capital to shop.
Of those who do go to the city, half do so on a monthly basis, 33 percent do so on a weekly basis and 17 percent do so daily.

On the other hand, 59 percent travel to Palma less frequently because, according to the report, of the poor frequency of the TIB buses, public transport, traffic jams at the entrances and exits of Palma and, in general, the problem of parking, “either because there is little or because it is very expensive”.
Afedeco states that 61 percent of those surveyed consider it difficult to find parking and 67 percent believe that the prices are very high.

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Another common complaint, according to the survey, is the ORA parking rates, 53 percent believe that the maximum parking time - two hours - is insufficient for shopping.
For all these reasons, 58 percent of those surveyed prefer to go to the shopping centres on the outskirts of the city.

As a result, Afedeco has asked the institutions to improve accessibility, “because Palma cannot afford to lose trade”

“If consumers stay on the outskirts, because there they find all the services they are looking for when it comes to shopping, the city’s commerce will end up closing down and Palma will become a ghost town of only restaurants and leisure establishments.”