Mallorcan and Balearic hoteliers have stated that British tourists will always be welcome. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Mallorcan Hotel Federation (FEHM) and the Association of Hotel Chains of the Balearics (ACHB) have criticised the “ambiguity” of the politicians who govern the institutions with regard to their sector, which causes “incalculable damage in the markets”.

The associations made the statement after the controversy generated by the publication in the British media of reports indicating that British tourists were not welcome in Mallorca, something that the business organisations flatly reject.

“What we expect from our representatives is more seriousness, that is why we demand the respect deserved by the tourist activity which they never tire of boasting about when it suits them to say that ‘we are a leading destination’,” they said.

The associations complained that the “constant bombardment of anti-tourist messages” is damaging the sector and called for “caution and responsibility” to avoid controversies that damage Mallorca as a tourist destination, such as the one that arose this week as a result of statements made to the British media by officials of the Council of Mallorca.

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“This is what happens when ideology takes precedence over responsibility and messages are consciously sent out that are contrary to what the tourist destination needs. We are an open destination and welcome tourists with open arms, we are not associations of rejection and exclusion”, said the FEHM and the ACHB.

The associations urged politicians to “work on improving the product and the management of the destination and not issuing messages rejecting visitors and the activity itself”.

The Council of Mallorca’s tourism boss, Lucia Escribiano was quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper that they were not interested in welcoming British holidaymakers to the island next summer.
Similar stories were carried by other British newspapers.

But Lucia Escribano has told the Bulletin: “Of course we want British tourists. They are more than welcome. British tourism to the island is key. I don’t understand this headline that British tourists are not welcome. It is so far from the truth,” she said.

The opposition Partido Popular has however called for the resignation of Escribiano.