Playa de Palma hoteliers are fed up with the lack of proper control. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Mallorcan authorities have come under fire for not enforcing or following up any of the 36 complaints that hoteliers in Playa de Palma have filed for infringements of the anti-excesses decree this season.

This was confirmed this today by the heads of the Playa Palma Hotel Association (AHPP) at the presentation of the final balance of the season.

Its president, Isabel Vidal, and its vice-president, José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón, denounced the fact that “there is no real political will” to put an end to the problems of security and uncivil behaviour that plague the area.

As they have pointed out, they are concentrated in just ten blocks, the epicentre of the conflictive episodes in the Arenal for years. “There have been zero precautionary measures executed; none of our complaints have received a firm resolution,” complained Alarcón.

The AHPP even hired a private detective who in nine days recorded up to 812 infractions of the regulations, which is a good indication, they have pointed out, to the lack of control that is rampant in an area ignored as far as inspection and police surveillance is concerned.

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The deputy managers of the hotels themselves have even acted as inspectors, providing video and photographs to the administration, which in the end have not resulted in any action being taken.

Likewise, the association is not aware of any ex officio intervention on the part of any inspector from the relevant bodies, the General Directorates of Public Health and Tourism, as well as Palma Local Police.

Added to this is the fact that, unlike Calvia, home to Magalluf, the Palma Town Hall does not have the power to close down establishments that do not comply with the regulations, and has not requested it. Alarcón has regretted this, and says he does not understand why he claimed these powers, as did his neighbours in Calvià.

This lack of control has been clearly noted by the offenders - uncivil customers, ticket touts, street vendors... - this season, which has been the first in which the regulations have been enforced after two summers of the pandemic; the problem will end up getting out of hand if it persists next season.

“If in the second year the bad guys realise that we are useless, that’s it”.