Extra armed police on patrol in the large shopping centres. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The National Police and the Guardia Civil have mounted a ring of steel around Mallorca the Christmas holidays. They have also alerted private security companies to take extra precautions.

The State Security Forces have launched the Safe Commerce Plan with the aim of improving the prevention of crimes of which shopkeepers and their potential customers are victims, mainly: thefts, robberies with violence or intimidation, robberies with force and fraud.

At the same time, and taking into account the increase in merchandise in warehouses and shops, attention will also be paid to the prevention of burglaries.

In order to improve the action and collaboration of private security professionals with the operational services of the National Police in the face of these criminal acts, those responsible for security departments providing services in commercial areas as well as in the logistics and transport sector are advised to review and update their preventive measures.

For this reason, and taking into account that Spain is at anti-terrorist level 4, armed elite units of the USECIC (Guardia Civil) and UPR (National Police) are patrolling and watching over the security of citizens in leisure venues, shopping centres and places with a large number of people.

Spot controls of people and vehicles will also be reinforced at strategic points across the island.
Regarding to the wave of letters or rudimentary explosive packages such as those sent to the US embassy in Madrid, the National Police and Guardia Civil have called for caution and in the event of detecting any strange packages and to notify them immediately.

In Palma, the police have contacted the hotel that hosts Ukrainians to ask them to reinforce their security.