The "scratch" to the wall of the church. | MDB

Danilo de Urbeza, the Pollensa rector, says that the church will not be filing a complaint against the teenager who stole an excavator on Christmas night and drove it through the Plaça Major until he became trapped in a side street.

During the course of his joyride, a wall of the parish church - Mare de Déu dels Àngels - was scratched. Father Danilo adds: "We have little to say about the incident, as we don't consider that it was something directed against the church. Rather, it was collateral damage, which was insignificant. We will not be taking any action and don't believe that it is up to us to make any decision on this matter."

The construction company to which the excavator belongs doesn't intend to file a complaint either.

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As the church is a listed building - an asset in the cultural interest - the Council of Mallorca's heritage department is involved. It has evaluated what happened but has yet to say if it will be taking any action.