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Animal rights party Progreso en Verde is denouncing what it claims is negligence that is costing the lives of animals at Palma town hall's Son Reus animal centre.

Party spokesperson Guillem Amengual says that there is theft of animals, malpractice when operating on animals, "terrible control" of the registration of animals and "zero surveillance". "The animal welfare councillor, Ramón Perpinyà, believes that it is one of the best centres in the whole country. Progreso en Verde consider it to be the municipal centre of horrors."

He alleges that the town hall has "zero involvement" with animal welfare and protection. The recent episode when seven dogs were stolen (out of a dozen that had been seized following a police operation in the Son Banya shanty town) "revealed the lack of security at the centre".

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"How is it possible that animals can disappear without anyone noticing? Where is the surveillance? After so many cases of negligence, what else has to happen before those responsible for the centre resign? Why is animal welfare never discussed at Palma town hall?"

Among operational failures, Progreso en Verde maintain that there are errors with the registration of animals, even if they have chips, and so owners - who may have lost them - are unable to reclaim them. There are dogs that escape from their cages and cause the death of others.

The town hall has responded by saying that the accusations are "false and out of context". It points to "exemplary management", "significant improvements such as the second operating room and the veterinary room" and to advances in sterilisation, while there is zero sacrifice. "The figures support the work that is being done there, which is recognised by the majority of people and by vets."