Tuesday's meeting at the Balearic government's HQ. | Govern de les Illes Balears


A Tuesday meeting in Palma confirmed the provision of 245 million euros of tourism funding for the Balearics. This is to come from EU Next Generation funds for tourism recovery, transformation and resilience and is the highest amount to have been so far allocated to Spain's regions. Ultimately, there will be 3,400 million euros; just over 2,000 million have been allocated.

The meeting was the first official visit to be made by Spain's new secretary-of-state for tourism, Rosana Morillo, who until recently was the Balearic government's director-general of tourism. Morillo and the Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, were of the view that more than ten per cent of the allocation (which comes from the national ministry of industry, tourism and trade) "is synonymous with Balearic leadership at a tourism level in Spain".

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Morillo explained that funds for the Balearics will be going "to destinations and companies in a strategic way and will contribute to the competitive position that the islands must continue to maintain". While some of the funds will be for tourism circularity projects, a key emphasis will be on regeneration of "mature tourist areas", i.e. coastal resorts.

The announcement of the funding comes shortly before the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid, at which, said Negueruela, "we wish to consolidate the Balearics as the leading holiday destination in 2023".