The birth rate is much as it was at the turn of the century. | Efe


The first babies born in Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza this year all had at least one foreign parent. This wasn't particularly curious, as figures released for 2021 indicate that 38% of babies born in the Balearics that year had a foreign parent (or parents) - 3,619 from a total of 9,520.

Comparative figures for 2001 and 2011 point to a fluctuating birth rate and to an increase in the percentage of babies with foreign parents. In 2001, there were 9,858 births; 1,392 with a foreign parent or parents - 14%. Ten years later, the respective figures were 11,265 and 3,274 - 29%.

In 2021, 702 babies were born to Moroccan mothers, the highest foreign number, followed by 201 Colombian and 190 Italian.

As to the birth rate, the 2021 figure was much the same as in 2001, but over the twenty-year period to 2021 the population of the Balearics grew by some 300,000.