The government spokesperson and Minister for Tourism this morning. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The spokesperson for the Balearic Government and Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela, said today, in relation to the Balearic Hotel and Catering agreement, that he “understands the criticism of the forms” and regrets “what it has meant in CCOO union”, to which he has already conveyed his “apologies”.

“Now what we have to do is to redirect this situation,” he said with the threat of strike action looking in the hostelry sector at the start of the season.

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He said that that they continue to “listen to all parties” and that they will continue to maintain contact “to find out what the situation is and to see what the main complaints are”.

Negueruela was quick to stress that this is a pre-agreement and, therefore, it is not yet valid.
“In collective bargaining agreements are made at a table where the two parties have to take their positions and we need the majority of both,” explained the minister, who stressed that this is a “sufficiently important” agreement, so we must seek “that all parties can be present”.

We must respect, understand and listen to the criticisms of the CCOO; we are holding meetings precisely to see how to redirect it”, said the spokesperson, who clarified that “while the government does not negotiate”, its function is to “seek to bring positions closer together and avoid conflicts”.