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The nightlife sector in the Balearics is stressing its total rejection of sexual harassment and assault in its establishments and is highlighting the protocols that have been established to deal with incidents. The Abone association of nightlife establishments says that "the fight against gender violence is a priority".

"If a person is affected by abuse, if staff are notified or if a suspicious situation is detected that leads staff to believe that there may be a case, support is immediately given to the victim, who is then accompanied." There is no hesitation in contacting the police, with whom there is collaboration, "at all times" including provision of "whatever may be requested, such as security camera recordings".

These protocols have acquired particular relevance in light of the arrest of Brazilian footballer Dani Alves, who is in prison for allegedly having sexually assaulted a woman in the bathroom of a Barcelona nightclub.

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This particular case coincided with the implementation of the Ask for Angela protocol in around thirty nightlife venues in Catalonia; Ask for Angela is a campaign that started in England in 2016 and which is used by bars and other venues to keep people safe from sexual assault by using a codeword to identify when they are in danger or are in an uncomfortable situation.

Abone says that, for now, it does not plan to put this into practice in the Balearics, pointing out that measures have been in place for years to prevent and respond to possible cases of harassment. "For now, the current protocols work but we are always updating them. We are committed to training and prevention and we will continue to provide training courses in the future."

Asked if an increase in cases of harassment has been detected, Abone says that there has not been.