Marta Higueras talking to the media in 2018. | Efe


Jonathan M., the 45-year-old police officer who was found dead at his home in Son Servera on January 12, was investigated for harassment.

It was known that he had requested an exchange to come to Mallorca from Madrid and it has now been revealed that there was an investigation into the alleged harassment of a councillor at Madrid city hall. He knew Marta Higueras, a former deputy mayor, and she had reported that she was being harassed by him. She asked for an escort, disciplinary proceedings were opened and his pistol was withdrawn. It is reported that he sent her sadomasochistic images.

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All this happened some two years ago. His pistol was returned several months later, and the escort that had been given to Marta Higueras was withdrawn in September last year.

Attached to the Porto Cristo unit, he went on leave after the summer and was due to have reported back on December 20. For reasons that have still to be satisfactorily explained, it would appear that his absence had gone unnoticed. A colleague from Porto Cristo went to his home on January 12 and found his body and the bodies of his two dogs. It is believed that he had taken his own life.