Trains were the targets in the Balearics and across Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


As part of a massive operation against graffiti, the National Police officers have identified a total of 22 people, and arrested 14 of them as alleged perpetrators of 98 crimes of damage valued at a total of 421,966 euros.

The arrests have taken place in the Balearics, Madrid, Burgos, León and Barcelona and international organisations such as INTERPOL and the Centre for Intelligence Against Organised Crime (CITCO) have collaborated in the operation, as some of those identified travelled from European countries to commit the criminal acts in what is known as “graffiti tourism”.

The investigation began last April with an analysis of reports of graffiti on trains in the Balearics over the last three years.

The identification of the perpetrators has been very difficult as they were establishing their residence in different locations in Spain, as well as travelling from different European countries.

Thanks to the collaboration of Interpol and CITCO, the agents have been able to determine that some of the perpetrators travelled from European countries to carry out the criminal actions in what is known as “graffiti tourism”.

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The investigators have been able to ascertain that the alleged perpetrators travel to the island for a few days and record their journey, including the graffiti on trains and carriages.

In addition to the offences affecting Mallorca Railway Services, similar incidents have been cleared up in Madrid, Barcelona, Aragon, Castile and Leon, Cantabria, Navarre and Murcia for the RENFE and Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona companies.

The operation was carried out in two phases.
In the first phase, 11 of those investigated were located and arrested in Madrid, Burgos, León and Barcelona. This phase took place during the month of January and various graffiti tools, mobile phones, cameras and graphic cards were seized.

The second phase was carried out in February with the collaboration of the Local Police in Palma and the simultaneous arrest of three people residing in the Balearics.

The operation has ended with the arrest of 14 people and the indictment of eight others identified. A total of 98 criminal acts committed in Mallorca and various locations throughout Spain have been cleared up, with a total value of the damage to trains and other railway stock amounting to 421,966 euros.