Pere Mas i Reus (Pedro Mas y Reus) was an engineer and businessman involved with the 1930s project to reclaim part of Albufera and create a tourism and residential centre in Puerto Alcudia. That development was halted by the Civil War. In the 1960s it was revisited but on a much grander scale. As part of the work for what was then known as the City of Lakes project, a road was named after him.

The Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus has acquired nicknames over the years. Dollar Street reflected the boom years. The Greasy Mile was somewhat less flattering. This road of bars, restaurants and shops has never been the height of sophistication, although interventions in recent years both along the road and in its immediate surroundings have represented improvements.

The road and area have been subject to neglect over many years. Occasional work has been carried out but to nothing like the extent that has been necessary. Businesses, residents, the town hall have all recognised the need for change, and so there is now a project that will involve the spending of 2.9 million euros to modernise a 'strip' that has been outdated for years.

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On Thursday, Alcudia's mayor and deputy mayor, Domingo Bonnín and Bàrbara Rebassa, as well as the Council of Mallorca's president and tourism councillor, Catalina Cladera and Andreu Serra, made a presentation of the scheme to turn the road into a "boulevard".

This will involve most of the road becoming a single lane. There will be a bike lane, the pavements will be renovated, native vegetation will be planted, and there will be "comprehensive beautification" to improve aesthetics and to incorporate sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.

The Council of Mallorca is allocating 750,000 euros to the project; this comes from the fund for tourist accommodation places. As to the town hall, everyone is aware that it is sitting on a budget surplus mountain of cash.

The mayor said that this will be "a necessary and much-requested intervention, which will change the appearance of the area and revitalise a very important commercial part of Alcudia". For Cladera, the project fits in with the Council's strategy to "improve the sustainability of municipalities, boost the local economy and reinforce Mallorca's leadership as a quality tourism destination all year round".