Earlier this week Bulletin Online reported that a British couple had reported seeing missing British toddler Madeleine McCann twice in 2008 in Cala d'Or and that they had informed police who had launched an investigation. This morning the Bulletin received news of another possible sighting in the same area in 2008.

"We visited in 2008 with the family as I had my 50th birthday there. This was my mother’s last visit to Cala d'Or as she was nearly 80 years old. One of the things that stood out though was she told her us she had seen Madeleine on the Cala Gran beach, on two occasions during our stay, sitting in a pushchair with what appeared to be a wig on. At the time we dismissed her remark but now we do wonder," the British family said in an email received by the Bulletin this morning.

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The initial sighting report said that Madeleine was in the company of two women. Police had launched a full search but were not able to find them.

"Sadly my mother passed away last year at the age of 94 years and she always maintained she had seen her in Cala d’Or and she followed the investigation into Madeleine as we live in Leicestershire close to the village where Madeleine was from. Before my mother’s passing I had to assist her with a medical check at one of the Leicester hospitals where Madeleine’s mother was a doctor. After the check my mother said to Mrs McCann that she knew she had lost somebody as she could see it in her face and and she remarked that she felt the same as I had lost a sister (my mother’s daughter). Mrs McCann thanked my mother for her compassion," the email said.