Rescue teams in the mountains on Tuesday. | Guardia Civil


On Tuesday evening, emergency teams managed to reach people trapped by snow in the Tramuntana Mountains - mainly at Lluc monastery, the Coll de sa Batalla and some shelters - and have evacuated some of them. The rest will spend the night at the monastery. Thirty-five hikers at the N'Amer refuge, around 500 metres from the monastery declined the Guardia Civil offer of rescue, saying that they were perfectly ok and wished to stay in order to enjoy the "spectacle of the snow".

The rescue teams will continue to comb the area in case there is anyone else who is trapped. There are many trees with broken branches due to the weight of snow and some forests are being checked to rule out that there is anyone who has suffered an injury.

Troops from the UME (Military Emergency Unit) will be arriving in Mallorca and they will speed up the search operation and clear areas that are currently inaccessible due to landslides, snow and fallen trees.