Despite the emigration, the population of the Balearics has continued to grow. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Figures from the National Statistics Institute indicate that emigration from the Balearics has more or less doubled over the past ten years. The register of Spanish citizens living abroad shows that there are 10,360. Ten years ago, there were 5,380.

The number of people who once resided in the Balearics but now live in another country is much higher: the census shows that there are 42,811, of whom 30,083 were born abroad. Many people who came to the islands from another country are still registered with a municipality but have returned to their countries of origin or have gone to another country. This process of emigration was particularly evident because of the financial crisis.

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Of the 42,000-plus people who at some point have emigrated to other countries, most have gone to the American continent - 22,994 people, with some 9,000 having moved to Argentina. In the US, 2,777 former Balearic residents now live there.

A total of 16,681 former residents are now in a European country. France heads the list with 3,800, followed by the UK (3,385) and Germany with 2,903.