The girl was initially taken to Inca Hospital before being transferred to Son Espases. | MDB

Police in Sencelles have charged a school bus driver with having knocked down a student and with having left the scene of the accident. He also been charged for having been over the alcohol limit.

On Monday afternoon, the bus accidentally ran into a 16-year-old girl on a narrow street. Residents went to her aid. She was lying on the ground bleeding and had been seriously injured; she is now in intensive care at Son Espases Hospital.

The driver initially got out of the bus and helped others to place the girl in a safety position. As there was by now a queue of cars, he said that he was going to move the bus. Some moments passed and residents realised that he had left the scene.

The police tried to locate him, but his phone was off and he wasn't answering calls. Finally, at around 7pm, officers found him and tested him for alcohol; this was positive.

On Tuesday morning, the same driver was with another driver, indicating the route he should take. When parents realised this, they refused to let their children get on the bus. The family of the 16-year-old girl have meanwhile instructed a lawyer to pursue a private prosecution.