Mallorca 312 starts and finishes in Playa de Muro. | Pilar Pellicer


The 2023 Mallorca 312 OK Mobility sold out in ten hours when registrations went on sale last October. On April 29, 8,000 cyclists will take to roads in Mallorca. For some it is a race; three as there are three routes. But for the overwhelming majority, it is just about the taking part. It is an event which confirms Mallorca's status as one of the leading cycling destinations in Europe, if not the leading destination.

It represents the peak of the cycling tourism season, the Council of Mallorca estimating some 200,000 cycling tourists this year. A further estimate is the economic benefit - 300 million euros spent on hotels, in restaurants, in specialist bike stores and on more.

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On average, cycling tourists stay for a week. Resort hotels accommodate most of them, but hotels in the interior and holiday rentals are increasingly benefiting as well. For hotel stays, half board is the usual basis.

One of the key resorts is Playa de Muro, which is where the Mallorca 312 starts and finishes. Cycling tourism has done much to improve Playa de Muro. It used to be the case that there was a series of commercial units that had closed down and which appeared to have been abandoned. This certainly isn't the case now.