The Temple has been sealed off. | MDB

On Tuesday, Calvia town hall sealed off the Stereo Temple club in Magalluf. The club faces a fine of between 60,000 and 300,000 euros for a very serious breach of the tourism of excesses law. It is accused of the denigration, objectification and hypersexualisation of women. This relates to a dancer outside the premises and who was visible from the street.

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The owners say that they will fight the charge, describing it as "discriminatory" and "a nonsense" and pointing out that in that part of Magalluf not subject to the law the same thing is not penalised.

Business owners are working on the creation of an association to defend their interests in the face of what they consider to be the "denigration" of the legislation itself. Barbara Novakova, the woman who was dancing at the time the sanction was imposed, is meanwhile looking for another job.