The presentation for the summer police campaign at the end of April. | MDB

The SPPME police union has attacked Palma town hall "deception" regarding police presence in the city's tourist areas this summer. Once again, states the union, the police force is being used to "try and win votes".

The union argues that the town hall's reinforcement plan will mean that other areas of Palma are left unattended and it highlights the presentation of the plan at which it was said that police for tourist areas would comprise up to 800 officers. How can this be possible, when the entire force is currently "around this number"? It will not be possible to reach this number for policing tourist areas, "especially as they say that it won't be necessary to recruit more officers".

In reality, the union maintains, reinforcement will be seventy officers, and so it is demanding that the town hall "stops deceiving the public". In addition, the reinforcement operation will include thirty officers undergoing training, "with all that this entails".

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The town hall's citizen security department is refuting the union's claims, saying that the summer police force will "remain intact" and that the operation will not affect policing in the rest of Palma.