The Calvia Local Police arrested one of the men who was carrying eight grams of cocaine. | Michels

On Sunday, Calvia police arrested a British tourist on Magalluf beach who was carrying eight grams of cocaine.

The man was part of a group of ten Britons. They were playing loud music and around 4pm started throwing bottles in the air and disturbing other beachgoers.

Two asked them to pick up the bottles. As the group ignored this request, the lifeguards called the police. Four patrol cars went to the beach. The Britons were searched and asked ID. One of them was carrying eight grams of cocaine and another was carrying three.

The officers fined each of the tourists 200 euros and thanked the two Magalluf beach lifeguards.

About 300 metres away, a fire broke out in the kitchen of the Titanic restaurant. Police and the Mallorca Fire Brigade were on the scene immediately and put the fire out.