Archive image of Calvià Local Police officers searching a man. | Michels

Seven iPhone 14 and two Google Pixel. This was the amount of goods seized by the Local Police of Calvia from a man in Magalluf. The suspect, 30 years old of Senegalese nationality, was arrested last Sunday. The officers were requested to go to Pere Vaquer Ramis street because a person had suffered a cut on the ear.

At the intersection of Avenida Cas Saboners and Calle Pare Vaquer Ramis they observed the individual walking along Calle Miquel Servet. The man turned around when he saw the patrol car and one of the officers got out of the vehicle. The suspect, while being pursued by the police, kept turning around.

The policeman who was following him on foot watched as the Senegalese man ducked behind a wall and saw something bulky being pulled out from under his clothes. It was the nine mobile phones. The man claimed that he was not carrying them and when the officers went to put handcuffs on him, he confronted them. They had to restrain him in order to arrest him.

One of the mobiles started to ring and the policeman picked it up. The caller was the owner of the phone, who explained that he had been stopped by two men and that while they were talking, one of them snatched the phone carelessly.