The Guardia Civil's Seprona division was in charge of the investigation. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A court in Palma has acquitted a man who had been accused of causing the eventual death of his dog by having dragged it several kilometres when tied to the back of his vehicle.

According to the prosecution, on the morning of October 12, 2021 the man tied the Ibizan Hound by its neck to the back of his Renault R4TL. He drove several kilometres along the MA-5030 in Porreres until another driver managed to get him to stop. The dog suffered multiple abrasions, infection from which spread. The dog died on October 27 as the result of a collapsed lung.

The Prosecutor's Office had called for a seventeen-month sentence. At the trial, the man said that it had been an accident. The boot door had not closed properly. At some point, the dog had fallen out.

The court concluded that the correct thing, as established by an autopsy report, would have been to have taken the dog for treatment. However, the court could not conclude that it had been the man's intention to let the dog die or to not follow the recommendations of a vet. "There is no record that he had the intention of letting the dog die or that he was aware that, by not hospitalising the dog, this could mean its death."