The restaurant at Lío Mallorca. | Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio


The Lío Mallorca club, which is on the Paseo Marítimo site of the old Tito's club in Palma, will open on August 3, a few weeks later than had been originally intended. The restaurant is fully booked for the first three nights. With menus prepared by Mallorcan Michelin-starred chef Andreu Genestra, the minimum for dining at Lío will be 200 euros.

Interior of Lío Mallorca in Palma

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The design of the club and restaurant is by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, one of the most in-demand interior designers in Spain and who has been in charge of numerous projects in other countries. He and his Barcelona-based studio have drawn on the Tramuntana wind for inspiration. "Wind that reaches all corners of the island, ruffling its waters, caressing its fields and dancing between the mountains. And of course, now blowing strongly inside this emblematic building."

The impact of the wind on nature is shown in the textures and colour ranges in the club, such as with the stucco walls in ochre tones reminiscent of Mallorca's limestone, and with the use of natural fibres inspired by palm trees.