The pine walk in Puerto Pollensa. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A 70-year-old British widow who has been living near the air base in Puerto Pollensa for the past five years was mugged in broad daylight earlier this week.

The victim, identified as Jacqueline, was walking alone along the famous pine walk at 11am when a young couple dragged her alongside a famous hotel on the sea front and snatched her bracelet which was of great sentimental value having been given to her by her late husband.

A local British resident who has come across Jacqueline since her ordeal contacted the Bulletin today to report what had happened.
“She was clearly very distressed by what happened. She told me that the young woman pointed to her stomach as if indicating that she was pregnant while the man just stood there laughing.

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"Jacqueline has been to the police but I would like you to issue a warning to elderly residents and tourists to keep their eyes open when out and about.

“I was in the hotel last night having a drink with a friend and it is full of wealthy, well dressed elderly guests who could be targets,” she said.

“This kind of thing does not happen in Puerto Pollensa, it’s very worrying.”