A company which offered illegal party boat trips has been fined 161,000 euros by the Calvia council. According to to the council the company was offering "party boat booze trips" at 45 euros per person which are banned under the new law of excesses introduced by the Balearic government.

Police became aware of the fact that scores of people were boarding and disembarking from a boat in Magalluf. On closer inspection police noticed that alcohol was being served on board. This sort of activity is banned under the new law. Police noticed that some of the clients were already slightly the worse for wear before they even boarded the boat.

Council official Juan Feliu said: "our tourist industry and their staff works long and hard to protect the good name of Calvia. We do not want our municipality to be tarnished by tourism of excesses." The Balearic government and the various island councils have launched a major crackdown on booze tourism especially in the Magalluf and Playa de Palma areas.

However, critics have said that the local authorities are taking the "fun out of Magalluf," and as a direct result some young tourists have gone to other resorts.