At the opening in March 2022. | MDB

The hydrogen plant in Lloseta, which was officially opened in March 2022, has been inoperative more or less since it was opened.

During the testing period, the plant produced hydrogen, but shortly afterwards problems were detected with the electrolyser, which breaks down water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Accelera, part of the US Cummins Group, was the manufacturer. It advised that operations needed to stop when the fault was detected. At present, no date has been given either for the repair or the replacement of the electrolyser.

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The plant, on the site of the former Cemex cement factory, was presented as a pioneering project in Europe, as the hydrogen could be labelled 'green' because the electrolyser would operate with electricity generated by two photovoltaic parks.

The investment of 50 million euros was to compensate for the closure of the Cemex factory and was for a project aimed at the decarbonisation of the Balearic economy and progress towards energy sovereignty. Applications for the hydrogen included buses, of which there are currently five in Palma. None of them are on the road.

It may well be that the plant achieves its objectives, but the question is when.