One of the stickers on the window of a real estate office in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Arran, which claims to be a Marxist youth organisation that “is committed to political and economic independence and reunification of the Catalan Countries, the attainment of socialism and overcoming patriarchy from a feminist perspective", has again vandalised luxury shops, homes for sale and real estate agents in the centre of Palma.

This is the second time they have acted in the centre of Palma this summer. They also managed to vandalise the superyacht belonging to the Walmart heir in Ibiza as well as a luxury car and a beach club in Ibiza.

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This time, they have stuck posters to the windows of a number of properties claiming “your luxury our misery” or “this used to be a home”.

One British real estate owner told the Bulletin: “They putting stickers over the houses for sale saying they used to be Mallorcan homes for locals. It’s ridiculous.
“Arran have got a little better than using graffiti.”

Now these stickers have to be removed and while the impact may not have been as big as the graffiti, it still sends out the wrong message and further fuels the anti-tourism and foreigners feeling and debate, which also includes people from the mainland investing in properties.