Guardia Civil divers have recovered the body. | Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil have recovered a body in the sea off Mallorca and for the moment it is not ruled out that it could be one of the two crew members who disappeared recently in the Minorca Channel while on a sailing trip.

However, given that the body is in very poor condition, it will be necessary to wait for DNA tests.

The Guardia Civil are involved in two rescue operations.

Sources from the Guardia Civil have said that a helicopter and members of the Special Group of Underwater Activities were involved in the operation.

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The alert of the appearance of the lifeless body was received on Sunday afternoon and at first an air sea rescue vessel was deployed but it had to withdraw due to bad weather conditions.

In the meantime, the search for the yacht that disappeared last week in the Minorca channel is still suspended due to bad weather and will be resume later today as soon as the weather conditions improve.

A Sasemar 305 Maritime Rescue plane is scheduled to resume the search, when possible in the area off the east of Mallorca.
The search has been ongoing since last Sunday for the missing sailboat with two people on board.
The ‘Makan Angin’, with a father and son on board left Cala Galdana (Minorca) bound for Cala d’Or (Mallorca).