Andratx town hall. | Catalina Ginard

A court in Palma has ordered Andratx town hall to pay a total of 21,150 euros in respect of the copyright for music for fiestas and other events in 2018 and 2019.

The payment is to three copyright organisations, with most of it - 20,350 euros - being owed to the SGAE, the Society of Authors and Publishers, Spain's main collecting body.

They filed a joint lawsuit claiming that the town hall had used works for numerous performances without paying fees; these included concerts by the municipal band of music.

The town hall argued that it had not organised the events directly. A contracted entertainment company and various associations had put them on. But the court deemed that this did not exempt the town hall from paying for the rights.

The ruling is not final. The town hall has the right of appeal to the Provincial Court.