The restrictions apply for longer this year. | DGT, Traffic Directorate

Up to August 22, the traffic directorate issued 20,400 fines for breaching the traffic restriction regulations on the Formentor road in Pollensa.

When the restrictions end on September 30, the total number of fines is set to be well down on the 50,000 last summer. The lower number has to take note of the fact that the period of restrictions is longer than it was previously - June 1 to September 30 rather than June 15 to September 15.

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The directorate points to a lower volume of traffic on the road. In 2022 the daily average number of vehicles was< 2,207. This is down to 2,053. Of a total of 170,435 vehicles from June 1 to August 22, the majority have been on the road during the restricted hours of 10am and 10.30pm (139,978).

The reduction in fines can be attributed to various measures now in place. The installation of new signs at kilometre 2 of the road, where the restricted section starts, has been key. It is also no longer possible to present a ticket for the car park as a way of avoiding a fine.

In addition, there is the barrier in Puerto Pollensa that is red when the car park is full. When it is green, it is possible to drive as far as the beach and car park without being fined. But beyond this point and heading towards the lighthouse, fines do apply - 200 euros.