There are some topics that seem to be better left untouched, even when on holiday. The local police in Alcudia arrested an Irish tourist early Wednesday morning who became very aggressive after an argument with other customers over political issues. The man even pulled out a knife, causing alarm in the resort.

According to official sources, the incident took place minutes before 1pm. The police were alerted by the hotel reception that there was a customer out of his mind and armed with a knife. The officers had to force their way into the room. Once inside, the tourist, who was almost 2 metres tall, put up a lot of resistance and the officers had to use spray to immobilise him.

According to witnesses, an argument had apparently started between two Irish family members over political issues. It escalated to the point where the arrested man pulled out a knife to threaten the other tourists. As the police officers walked with the individual to the patrol car, they saw several people from floor number 5 throwing objects. Some of them almost hit the officers.